Saturday, August 23, 2008

First Day of School

Allie started Pre-K 3 this week. She goes 3 days a week from 9-2. She absolutely loves school. Every day in the summer she would get up and ask if it was a school day. She loves her teacher and has most of the same kids from last year in her class. She loves going to music, she is already singing new songs!! Thanks to her awesome teachers!!!!!!!!!

Allie getting into the van in the morning!

Allie walking into the building:)

Allie in assembly saying her pledges:)

Allie in music -- jumping around :)

Allie actually took a nap:) 1st nap all summer!!!!!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Allie making cookies!!!

Allie was talking to her grandmother on the phone and she told her that she was going to make cookies for her, she laid the phone down looked at me and said I need to make cookies for Maw Maw and you need to help ME!!!!!!!!!

So we went to visit this last weekend so she made cookies at Maw Maw's house. She really had a good time and enjoyed every minute of it!!!!!!!!!!! She has made cookies before but we made them from scratch this time.

Stirring the ingredients!

Using the mixer for first time!!

Making big and little cookies!!

The best part - licking the beater!!

Her favorite part!!!

Beach Pictures from Vacation

We actually never went to the "real" beach. Everyone was sleeping in one morning so Allie and I walked across the street to walk on the beach!! Of course she got wet and at first wasn't to sure about the waves!! She loves sand as we had went to a private beach and she played for hours in the sand and in the water but there were no waves and the water actually had a cement bottom! It was more of a private lagoon with different areas. One area had water slides which she liked but loved playing in the sand!

Wasn't sure of the waves at first!!!!

Allie washing shells, she loved finding the little shells!!

Allie washing the sand off her leg!!

Allie walking away in the sunrise!

I love this pic, my camera actually had fogged up but the pics came out great!!

Allie playing at the private lagoon, she filled her sand bucket and found a stick to plant!!

Carrying water to water stick!!

Allie just having so much fun in the sand!!

James and Hannah buried Allie in the sand. She didn't like it at all!

After we took pictures, she said please hurry I need to get up NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!