Thursday, May 31, 2007

Birthday Party at the Zoo

We went to our friends birthday party at the zoo and guess who had lots and lots of fun!!

Here she is stealing icing from the cake -- she was so funny, she would look around to see who was watching and then finally she made her move!!

She is very intently petting the 2 yr old alligator!!

A beautiful parrot!

Here she is petting the parrot!

She touched the baby hedgehog and quickly pulled her hand away, as it is very prickly!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Allie Swimming

Here is Allie's last day of swimming lessons. She loved being thrown in the air and especially thrown up and into a back flip -- she would come up with a smile and ask again again again!!!

The start of a back flip!

On her way backwards!

Into the pool - almost as if she was diving!!

Diving for rings!

Waiting for her turn!!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Hannah's Birthday

We celebrated Hannah's 10th birthday last week. We had a wonderful time with lots of family and friends. We had a fun jump delivered at 8:30 in the morning on Saturday and had it thru Sunday afternoon. The kids stayed in it till after 9p.m. It started out to be a Lilo and Stitch party but we couldn't find much Lilo things so it turned into a Luau and the girls all wore Hawaiin Moo Moo's!!

Here is Allie giving Hannah a Monkey she picked out for her.

Hannah and her cousins being silly in their Moo Moo's!!

Hannah and the girls being silly!!
Hannah and Allie jumping in the Fun Jump at 9:00 p.m.

Hannah opening presents!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Swimming Lessons

Allie loves her swimming lessons, we weren't sure how much she remembered from last year but today was her 3rd day and she is already swimming underwater and jumping off the side. She has not been in a pool til now!! I am so lucky, I have taught swimming for 23 years and usually you cannot teach your own child but she did so well last year and again this year!!

She is so funny instead of reaching for my hands to come up out of the water, she pushed them away to stay under as long as possible!!

Allie wrapping up in her towel after her turn!!

Allie and Emily waiting for their turns!! There are 6 -- 2 yr olds in their class and all from school, so they all have fun talking and playing while waiting their turns!!

Allie swimming to mommy!!

Allie swimming back to the step!!

Allie swimming to mommy again and again!!

Last Day of Gymnastics for this Year!!

This was Allie's last day of Gymnastics, she asks everyday to go back!! We will start again in September!

Allie crab walking thru the hula hoops!

Her headstand all by herself!

Doing whatever this is called:)

Swinging on the uneven parallel bars!

Since she has finished Gymnastics, we have added two things to our house, one for the living room!! The other is for outside!!

This is Allie's new trampoline for the living room!! She jumps in it all day and lays in it to watch her movies and then jumps some more!!
She loves this pic of her hair sticking up!!!
This is a bounce house for outside! It is a small fun jump!
We put it in the house the first day and then got the other one the next day!! With the motor it is too loud for the house, the other one has no motor!!
She was taking a break! She just loves to jump so much!!!