Thursday, May 17, 2007

Last Day of Gymnastics for this Year!!

This was Allie's last day of Gymnastics, she asks everyday to go back!! We will start again in September!

Allie crab walking thru the hula hoops!

Her headstand all by herself!

Doing whatever this is called:)

Swinging on the uneven parallel bars!

Since she has finished Gymnastics, we have added two things to our house, one for the living room!! The other is for outside!!

This is Allie's new trampoline for the living room!! She jumps in it all day and lays in it to watch her movies and then jumps some more!!
She loves this pic of her hair sticking up!!!
This is a bounce house for outside! It is a small fun jump!
We put it in the house the first day and then got the other one the next day!! With the motor it is too loud for the house, the other one has no motor!!
She was taking a break! She just loves to jump so much!!!

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