Thursday, May 17, 2007

Swimming Lessons

Allie loves her swimming lessons, we weren't sure how much she remembered from last year but today was her 3rd day and she is already swimming underwater and jumping off the side. She has not been in a pool til now!! I am so lucky, I have taught swimming for 23 years and usually you cannot teach your own child but she did so well last year and again this year!!

She is so funny instead of reaching for my hands to come up out of the water, she pushed them away to stay under as long as possible!!

Allie wrapping up in her towel after her turn!!

Allie and Emily waiting for their turns!! There are 6 -- 2 yr olds in their class and all from school, so they all have fun talking and playing while waiting their turns!!

Allie swimming to mommy!!

Allie swimming back to the step!!

Allie swimming to mommy again and again!!

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Dianne said...

Allie is doing so well with her swimming! I better start teaching Sophie and Sage now that the weather is great.
Great Gymnastics pics, my girls have a few more weeks, I think they'll miss it also.