Monday, December 31, 2007

A Princess and her Crown

This is how a Princess wears her crown when eating breakfast!!!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Merry Christmas


Thursday, December 13, 2007

Allie Making Christmas Candy

Today we made chocolate covered pretzels with sprinkles!! Allie loved this especially the sprinkles!! She was very proud of her finished work!!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Allie's Self Haircut

Well, should I cry like mommy or should I laugh like daddy?????

Well, what would you do??????????

Yep, I think I will laugh like daddy!!!!!!!!!!

This was taken before we went to the hair dresser and had it kinda fixed!!! I guess we can be thankful that it is not the bangs and not to the scalp!!!!

This one shows how short she cut it -- it is now like the 1st 3 pics, cut to her shoulders and we will just have to deal with it till it gets back to one length!!!

Allie was sitting at her table cutting paper and daddy was on the computer and she asked him to change her trash -- it was yucky -- so he did and then decided to look and exclaimed "YOU CUT YOUR HAIR" and she burst into tears and repeated she was "SO SORRY" by the time I found out they were both laughing!!!!!!!!!! We did have to cut about 5 inches!!!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Happy 3rd Birthday

We had Allie's 3rd Birthday Party early in November, since her actual birthday is in December and that is such a busy month we celebrated early with an outside party and bar-b-que! We had beautiful weather and she loved every minute of it!! Since we had the fun jump for the weekend, after Church on Sunday we had a few friends over for lunch and to play and don't forget the football game on tv, I don't think any of the dad's made it outside!!!

Allie turning on the bubble machine!

The girls all having fun in the bubbles!!

Allie with her Princess Cake

Allie and Bryson sit together while eating cake!!

Allie opening presents with the help of Brett and Bailey

Jumping on Sunday!!!

Allie's Princess Cake on Sunday with mommie's flowers!! (Thanks again daddy!!)

Allie with her cake!!

Allie, Emily and Madison having a ride in the wagon with Hannah pulling them around!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Santa and Allie the Elf

Allie loved visiting with Santa!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Fun at a Wedding

We went to a night wedding a couple of weeks ago. There were only a handful of children there. Allie had a blast playing with Janna who was "The Major Princess", one other princess and of course you need a prince and one other little boy. The kids had a blast dancing and never left the dance floor. According to Janna it was a "Princess Party" according to Allie it was Janna's Princess Party and we never even sang "Happy to You"!!!!!!!!!! She asked for almost a week when do we get to go and sing happy to you to Janna!!!!!!

Allie (in green) dancing with Daniel, Janna dancing with Natalie.

Allie and Janna

The only time to take a break was for food -- she kept asking "peasssssse lets eat"

Allie and Janna in a hurry to go somewhere!!!

John, Janna and Allie having a party under the buffet tables!!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Welcoming a new friend!!!

Our friend Susan received her referral yesterday for Jewel Elizabeth! Today we surprised her with some "It's a girl" balloons. Allie brought them in to her office and she was totally surprised and started crying!!

Susan totally shocked!!!

She was so surprised!!!!!!!!

Allie with Jewel's picture!!!!

We can't wait for Jewel to come home to be our new friend!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Children's Museum

We have been to the Children's Museum twice in the last 2 weeks. Once for a birthday party and once just with some friends. We had lots of fun and will be going back soon!!

Allie driving the Ambulance:)

Allie checking out Hannah's teeth -- she looks serious:)

Allie watching Abbie write on her paper!!

Allie making a big bubble around herself!!

She served me a "french fry salad" it was yummy!!

Here is Dallas and Madison checking out Allie's teeth!!

Madison checking on Allie in the back of the Ambulance!!

Lets make sure we get enough groceries for the week!!

A child after my own heart -- she loves her cookies!!

Allie and Madison giving us news and the weather!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Waterday at School

Allie had a Fun Waterday at School last week.

Allie waiting to go outside to play in the water!!

Allie and Emily playing in the pool!!

Allie just being Allie:)

Allie being spraying by the waterhose!!

Checking to see where the waterhose is????

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

Every year I volunteer for a camp for disabled children, it is called SKIP camp. SKIP stands for "Sick Kids (need) Involved People". This was the 14th year that I have attended camp. It is held every year on Labor Day Weekend. Since Hurricane Katrina, our camp was destoyed in Biloxi so we have not had camp the last 2 years. We have found a camp ground in Louisiana that was able to house all of us and 15 motorized wheelchairs. We really had a good time.

This was the first time that I left home and did not take Allie with me. I left her with her daddy and they went and picked up Hannah. Since camp was not too far away they were able to come up for the day on Saturday. They had a good time and did not want to leave.

Now the thing about this camp is that it is for the whole family not just the disabled child. To qualify to attend this camp, the child has to have some type of technology helping them live. Lots of these kids have trachs and are on ventalators to help them breathe or on feeding tubes to get the nutrition they need. These kids are all very happy and we had so much fun.

A pic of the families and volunteers!!

We went to the zoo and this is Kathryn petting an alligator.

Me and Jonathan playing air hockey!!! Jonathan is a special needs who is 16 and is the sweetest boy ever!! He told everyone he let me win!!

We had a talent show and this is Mathew telling jokes and then he sang a song "Everyone is Special"!! He definetly is a special boy!!

Hannah sang in the talent show and received a standing ovation!!

Allie and Mathew --- she loved being around him!!

We also had a carnival and Allie and Kaydence had lots of fun fishing!

Tylor and Justin (siblings) had lots of fun playing games at the carnival!

On the last nite we have a teen dance and here is Don and Jerri dancing in their wheelchairs.

This is a very special camp and the kids are very special. I thank God everyday for what we have and especially for blessing us with Allie!!!