Monday, November 19, 2007

Fun at a Wedding

We went to a night wedding a couple of weeks ago. There were only a handful of children there. Allie had a blast playing with Janna who was "The Major Princess", one other princess and of course you need a prince and one other little boy. The kids had a blast dancing and never left the dance floor. According to Janna it was a "Princess Party" according to Allie it was Janna's Princess Party and we never even sang "Happy to You"!!!!!!!!!! She asked for almost a week when do we get to go and sing happy to you to Janna!!!!!!

Allie (in green) dancing with Daniel, Janna dancing with Natalie.

Allie and Janna

The only time to take a break was for food -- she kept asking "peasssssse lets eat"

Allie and Janna in a hurry to go somewhere!!!

John, Janna and Allie having a party under the buffet tables!!!

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