Thursday, September 6, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

Every year I volunteer for a camp for disabled children, it is called SKIP camp. SKIP stands for "Sick Kids (need) Involved People". This was the 14th year that I have attended camp. It is held every year on Labor Day Weekend. Since Hurricane Katrina, our camp was destoyed in Biloxi so we have not had camp the last 2 years. We have found a camp ground in Louisiana that was able to house all of us and 15 motorized wheelchairs. We really had a good time.

This was the first time that I left home and did not take Allie with me. I left her with her daddy and they went and picked up Hannah. Since camp was not too far away they were able to come up for the day on Saturday. They had a good time and did not want to leave.

Now the thing about this camp is that it is for the whole family not just the disabled child. To qualify to attend this camp, the child has to have some type of technology helping them live. Lots of these kids have trachs and are on ventalators to help them breathe or on feeding tubes to get the nutrition they need. These kids are all very happy and we had so much fun.

A pic of the families and volunteers!!

We went to the zoo and this is Kathryn petting an alligator.

Me and Jonathan playing air hockey!!! Jonathan is a special needs who is 16 and is the sweetest boy ever!! He told everyone he let me win!!

We had a talent show and this is Mathew telling jokes and then he sang a song "Everyone is Special"!! He definetly is a special boy!!

Hannah sang in the talent show and received a standing ovation!!

Allie and Mathew --- she loved being around him!!

We also had a carnival and Allie and Kaydence had lots of fun fishing!

Tylor and Justin (siblings) had lots of fun playing games at the carnival!

On the last nite we have a teen dance and here is Don and Jerri dancing in their wheelchairs.

This is a very special camp and the kids are very special. I thank God everyday for what we have and especially for blessing us with Allie!!!

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