Sunday, December 9, 2007

Allie's Self Haircut

Well, should I cry like mommy or should I laugh like daddy?????

Well, what would you do??????????

Yep, I think I will laugh like daddy!!!!!!!!!!

This was taken before we went to the hair dresser and had it kinda fixed!!! I guess we can be thankful that it is not the bangs and not to the scalp!!!!

This one shows how short she cut it -- it is now like the 1st 3 pics, cut to her shoulders and we will just have to deal with it till it gets back to one length!!!

Allie was sitting at her table cutting paper and daddy was on the computer and she asked him to change her trash -- it was yucky -- so he did and then decided to look and exclaimed "YOU CUT YOUR HAIR" and she burst into tears and repeated she was "SO SORRY" by the time I found out they were both laughing!!!!!!!!!! We did have to cut about 5 inches!!!

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