Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Family Party

Sorry we haven't been around for awhile!!! Our last trip was kinda like a family reunion. We had 5 birthdays for the month of August with family visiting from Wyoming and Texas. So we had a great day and lots of fun!!!

Here is Allie enjoying the morning watching Dora on the bed!!

Hannah was outside playing with her remote control Hummer and Jeep!!

Allie on the slip-n-slide!!!!
Allie on the slip-n-slide!!!!
Hannah & Allie playing on the slip-n-slide!

Allie taking a drink!!
Allie eating a fresh strawberries and her daddy showing her the crabs they were getting ready to boil!!!
The ice chest full of large blue point crabs!!!

Allie loving on her 5 week old cousin Macy with Aunt Marlene playing with her neices!!

Allie helping Jaymi open her presents so she can have some cake!!

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