Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Little of Everything

We have had a very busy summer. Hannah has been here most of the summer attending different camps. Allie has been busy being a 3 yr old. I taught several weeks of swimming lessons and now we are enjoying the summer. One day they washed the van and/or just played in the water. Also they played in the pool one day. I put Allie's play tent over the pool to keep them out of the direct sunlight they had a blast.

Allie spraying Hannah

Allie washing herself :)

Hannah giving Allie a shower

Allie taking a break and playing with snails:) She loves the snails out of the garden!!

Allie pouring water on Hannah

Allie just playing

Allie playing puppy and Hannah feeding her:)

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My Full Hands said...

That looks like way too much fun! Esp. on a hot summer day!

Thanks for visiting my blog - it's always fun to "meet" someone new!