Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hurricane Gustav

We stayed home for Hurricane Gustav, we had my in-laws and sister-in-law here for several days. We also had my parents dog Gigi. The storm was not so horrible here at our house but my parents 5 streets over lost their big tree in the back yard and their sunroom roof now needs to be replaced - water is pouring in!! My in-laws had no damage 100 miles away except for a ceiling fan blade on the outside patio. They just had no electricity for over a week. We went to check out their house and saw many trees down and power lines laying on the street. Allie had lots of fun being out of school for a week and then having Paw Paw to play with. They enjoyed playing with stickers and also playing puppies!!! We also went to a friends house and Allie picked out her new puppy - she will be bringing her home in a few weeks!!

Gigi enjoying swinging on Allie's swing (Yes, this swing is in our living room)!!

Trees uprooted near my in-laws house!

Power lines down and you had to drive over the wires.

Paw Paw and Allie having fun with stickers!!!

Allie playing with Gigi and Abbie on Paw Paw!!

Paw Paw and his 3 puppies!!!

Allie and her new puppy Mishu - she is only 3 weeks old so we have to wait a few more weeks before we bring her home!
Allie and Mishu -- she has such a cute face!!

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