Friday, November 14, 2008

The things she comes up with!!

Well, to start with, I still cannot upload any pictures and so much has gone on!! We had a blast for Halloween and then we had her birthday party - even though Allie will not be 4 until December 14th, we celebrate the 1st weekend in November. The way James is working, he is not home for her birthday and it is too hard to do it with Thanksgiving and/or Christmas. So, ever since she has been here, we have had her party the 1st weekend in November. She had a blast and we have awesome pics to post one day!!

Anyway, today I was off work and we ran a few errands and I started working on my Christmas village. She was in her room playing and watching a movie. I needed to cut a few boards to adjust the size of my village to a smaller area than I usually use. I was outside in the driveway and I had the boards set up on saw horses, the cordless saw and other tools. I started cutting and the door flew open -- here she came running out the house - she heard the saw, here is our conversation:

Her -- Wait - that is my daddy's!!!
Me - yes I can use them too
Allie -- Well, you better be careful, don't want you to hurt yourself on daddy's stuff!!
Me - thank you and I will be careful

Then she saw me when I was using the level

Allie -- That is my daddy's too
Me. -- yes but I can use it also
Allie -- I hope you asked my daddy cause he don't like his tools messed up
Me -- yes I can use it when I need it

I then finished and started picking up

Allie -- Are you finished?
Me -- yes
Allie -- did you clean up??
Me -- yes - I am cleaning up now
Allie -- did you put my daddy's tools up??
Me -- yes I did
Allie -- are you sure??
Me -- yes
Allie -- my daddy don't like when you don't put his tools up!!!

My question is: When did she learn this cause her daddy never puts the tools back where they belong?????????

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Lori said...

ROFL!! James has her trained, doesn't he?

she is such a cutie!