Sunday, March 11, 2007

2nd Day at Gymnastics

Ok, this was our 2nd time at Gymnastics, we sure like it alot!!!

This set of pics, Allie walked on the balance beam and then was flipped in the air and landed on her feet!!

They did front rolls on mats and then was taught how to raise their arms and say "TA-DA"!!

She hung from the uneven parallel bars and then they flipped over!!

This time they stood on the bottom bar and reached for the top bar and then turned around and jumped down!! Don't forget the "TA-DA"

We are learning alot in this class, Allie jumps around the house instead of walking, of course for those who know us also knows she has down this since 15 months old. She is always jumping and doing front rolls across the sofa or the floor. She flips from our laps over backwards and will do it until you make her stop.
P.S. I am just learning how to blog so any ideas or comments on how to make collages are welcome. Thanks to all!

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Paul said...

What great gym pictures. Allie looks like a natural. Thanks for sharing, she is adorable.

Dianne, Sophie, and Sage