Tuesday, March 27, 2007

FFFF #24 -- Bubbles

Ok, just to explain this post, FFFF stands for "Family Foto Fun Friday."
Donna at Double Happiness started this and every friday posts a new challange! We have been following Gwen and Maddie (Double Happiness) for awhile and now that we are up and running we are going to jump in and play!!! This week's challenge is Bubbles, since that is one of our favorite topics and we have lots of pics of bubbles just taken in the last two weeks this will be an easy one!!

Allie blowing bubbles at the park!!

Allie taking a bubble bath!!

Allie blowing bubbles with Daddy and Uncle Rodney!! (Notice who has the bubbles!!!)

Allie blowing bubbles while we plant flowers!!


LadyBug Journals said...

Great pics !
The weather looks perfect for bubbles .....
We have snow here so we blew our bubbles inside ...
Fun just the same ....
Andrea ( from Canada)

Donna said...

Awww! So cute! I love that little patootie peeking through the bubbles in the bath! Such an angel!

You did a great job with your first FFFF!